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le marais

The Marais is one of Paris’ most enchanting neighborhoods: once the most noble neighborhood in Paris, today it is a place where history and modern life blend together seamlessly. During your private tour, we'll discover medieval architecture, elegant fountains, and the hidden courtyards of the Marais. I'll share stories about the area's fascinating history and give you a glimpse of what life was like during its golden age. 

Some of the sights we'll see:

Hôtel de Ville

Philippe Auguste wall

​Église Saint Paul-Saint Louis

Place des Vosges

Rue des Rosiers


2.5 hour private tour

Starting at €275 for a group up to 6 people

€50/person after 6 people

Close up of cherry trees and dome of Eglise Saint Paul-Saint Louis in Paris
Carousel in front of Hotel de Ville in Paris
Ivy covered building in the Marais in Paris
View from the bottom of Rue des Barres in Paris
The red brick buildings of Place des Vosges in Paris at sunset
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